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Git Extensions 3.4

A GUI that allows control over Git without using the commandline
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Git Extensions is a toolkit aimed at making working with Git under Windows more intuitive. The shell extension integrates into Windows Explorer and presents a context menu on files and directories.
The program offers the necessary tools to work with Git, but it's intended for experienced users. Beginner users may find it inaccessible to work with.
The interface is built to suffice the important aspects, such as functionalities, so the design it's not impressive at all. Despite that, it has numerous customization options and a well-organized and responsive menu.

With Git you can view branch history, explore repository files, compress and verify the database or get accurate database statistics.
Also, with File History feature you can explore the history of renamed and moved files.

Moreover, you can create, edit and delete branches, add new or remove existing development tools or you can find the last person that edited a part of a file.

Overall, as I said in the beginning, Git Extensions is a software program designed for experienced users, and especially for those who code. It's impressive because of its features, its highly responsive system and because it's free. Definitely, it's worth a try.

John Saunders
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  • Offers a history search feature
  • Provides accurate database statistics
  • The system is highly responsive
  • Has numerous branch editing options


  • Intended for experienced users
  • Has a minimalistic design
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